birds with the same feather… 

all along, i was dead hoping you’ll comeback along with our memories, along with the bitter truths, along with the deep cuts and sweet smiles, along with the white lies, along with the happy thoughts and along with the restored love. all along.

love is just like a chemical reaction, no biggie.

write it down and mourn about it. know that it is perfectly normal.

You were one of the things I wish I had.

I fell in love with a complete stranger. A boy whose face I only knew. Whose name I am not aware of. Yes, I fell in love with a complete stranger. A boy. Just a Boy

new, but no.

You were like the morning rain. I was walking directly to your path, embracing the coldness of your drops, the pressure of your fall and the darkness of your clouds, yet, the emotions still doesn’t exist within me.

I was out, feeling the world. But no, being out doesn’t mean being alive.