I’ll stay this way, so the next time that I will see you, I won’t feel anything but pain. 

I tried, you have no idea how much I tried not to love you.

you just have to accept that you are not meant for him and he will never ever be meant for you.

A Stranger

There is a love I reminisce,
like a seed
I’ve never sown.

Of lips that I am yet to kiss,
and eyes
not met my own.

Hands that wrap around my wrists,
and arms
that feel like home.

I wonder how it is I miss,
these things
I’ve never known

― Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure

you know what’s saddening, the fact that I am pretty aware that we won’t workout yet I am still here. still fucking here. here where you left me.

the world is alive, don’t ever think it would stop just for you.